Hi there! I am an editioral+lifestyle photographer specializing in capturing the magic of honesty. I’ve been making photographs since the nineties. My whole thing is getting to the truth of things and I believe there is power in finding that authentic spark in people. Showing them a facet of their wholeness that is capable of shifting their whole perspective. None of us sees ourselves correctly and I happen to have some kind of juju that allows people to get to the truth of themselves. And then I capture it in my camera. I’ve been helping people shift with my lens officially since 2008. I’m interested in raw, simple beauty. Dark and light. Everything. I began my journey of self portraiture in 2011 in an attempt to help process my depression and it grew into one of my favorite art forms. Some of my work has been featured in shows in New York City, Austin, Texas, in addition to a featured image in the New York Times and an award from BlogHer for Eye Candy in 2015. Current projects include documenting the many faces of survivors of domestic abuse for an upcoming art show in Ottawa, Kansas, 2018.

I hope as you look through my extensive body of work, you will begin to hear the unspoken language of honesty, of the wholeness found in all humans and a common thread of spirit and bone between us all.

For client and freelance work, I offer the following:

Families: get in on one of my mini sessions! $125 for 15 minutes, simple, clean and quick. Perfect for kids. I can get so much in 15 minutes. It’s really quite amazing. This includes a gallery of downloadable photos for you to print and keep.  I offer them throughout the year or you can schedule one near my home any other time. Use the contact form to let me know if you’re interested.


1/2 hour: $200
1-2 hours: $400

For sessions of 6 or more people, please ask for a more specific quote.

For the raw sessions, where you wear less clothing and I document your magic, we’d likely need an hour and a place to shoot. I love to shoot all kinds of editorial sessions in people’s homes. I don’t need much and am skilled at using all kinds of light. All sessions receive their edited photos in a downloadable gallery to print where they like.

My specialties are people who feel awkward in front of the camera and who like to keep things chill, real and who trust me to capture you beautifully in the way only I know how. ♥

I am totally down for all kinds of other photography as well. Take a look at my galleries and see if you like what I’m laying down.


Weddings: you get your own page. Schmancy.



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