I’m going to be super honest with you right now. I’m not a traditional wedding kind of girl. Never have been. I find the industry weird and expensive.  So why do I shoot weddings? Because I’m a magician and extremely gifted at capturing emotion. And I’ve found that there is a faction of people on this earth who want to have a wedding, but also want to do it their way. Simply, beautifully, and celebrating their relationships and their families. That is something I am totally down with. I’ve been shooting weddings since 2011 and let me tell you: the right people always find me. I’ve had the distinct honor of working with the most chill, most warm, most loving humans on this earth. And that’s good. Because if I’m going to do this at all, I have to do it in a way that feels good. That’s a story I want to tell.

Because I’m a storyteller. It doesn’t matter if you have a faith or none, tattoos, piercings, gay or straight…if you’re doing it with all your heart, I want to tell that story with images. It’s what I’m really good at. I love finding that heartbeat beneath the energy of the day and showing it to you.

Things have evolved for me. In my personal life and in my professional work. It’s so interconnected and I want to continue to shoot weddings, but with a twist. For me, it’s not just about the photography. For me, capturing humanity in my camera is like breathing. It’s very easy. It’s a tool, like many gifts that I possess, to show you the energy and a glimpse behind what we normally see. I’m not sure how it works, but it does.

And so that is what I am offering when I shoot your wedding.

What types of weddings am I interested in? Usually small, intimate events planned by people who feel the same way I do. They just want to celebrate their love, capture the beauty of the human experience, are not usually into poses, but rather moments of the day. People who get me and the way I work, who see the magic in my images and understand that I will be there as a conduit of healing energy as well. This is my gift. I can do larger ones sometimes. I do not use a second shooter so let’s talk and see if we are a good fit!

I focus on the shooting and the artistry, so I don’t do prints and books. I come and capture your day, then you get your digital gallery to download. Simple and easy. Rates for full day events fall within the $2000 range, give or take. I will finalize a quote for you once I know all the elements of your day. 🙂

If you’d like to see a full gallery, please let me know and I will share one with you from a previous wedding.


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