After three years of creating and collecting images, as the energies moved through me and onto the page, it all came together this year when I realized I had what I needed to make something I’ve been wanting to make for awhile now. Countless people asked when I would, made suggestions, lovingly pushed me out of my comfort zone and planted the seed as the universe usually does.

I made these for me, to help me read cards in a way that made more sense to my brain. But I realized that I wanted to offer a tool, a hybrid of sorts, for anyone who wished to delve into the imagery as a catalyst for their own deep listening. I want you to be able to put a book down and that is why I didn’t write one to go with it. I want you to lean fully into the imagery. And for those with tarot knowledge, it is my belief that with an expanded mind, you will see the imagery in a new light.  As I’ve used these cards for myself, I’ve even found myself not looking at the labels I’ve put on and have had many of the images shift in meaning for me, depending on the situation and what I am hearing when I read. I feel the same energy is available to you. Just trust yourself! I’m excited, as always, to point you back to yourself.

I did include a bit more on this that comes with the deck and some resources, should you want them.

Most of all, I want these cards to help you remember that YOU are the magic. And to begin a practice of trusting the deep intuition that bubbles up inside your own starry cauldron.  FIND THEM HERE


I’ve included a peek at the whole deck below!

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