**I am in the process of transitioning my life’s work. This is a page to send me monetary support if you feel led to. I’m going to leave the info about the Traveler Books below for now, but this support feels bigger than that. You’ll know if Spirit is leading you to support me. I’m sharing on my blog, tiktok and Instagram. xoxo**


I’m going on an adventure and I’d love if you could come along! A few years ago I self published a book called The Traveler and that character has stuck with me as a way to tell stories about what it’s like to be an interdimensional traveler in this current world. They have met many creatures and beings on their journeys, learning so much along the way. 

I’m very excited to start this new journey of sharing The Traveler stories! I am designed as a human who loves to share my process and feed off the energy from others’ excitement, and that is the most beautiful thing to me. What I learn along the way, how it all comes together…maybe sparking something for you! Play is so important and creation is just play! 

My goal is to write books and possibly create a larger volume of work for the Traveler series. I want there to be a field guide for interdimensional travel. I want the characters I paint to have a place to tell their stories! And I want to do it my way, in every way. I have learned so much about how to honor my creative process and allow others to support me for just being me. That’s how we birth the new world. I hope you’ll come along on this journey with me! Whether you support financially from time to time, or once or never at all, I will be sharing as I always do, broadcasting on all platforms as it feels good to and this will be here for anyone who feels to toss me some coin for my ongoing work. The financial support does help so much as I work two jobs, between pizza delivery and art/photography. I’m a single parent and things are usually pretty tight! I don’t think I need to explain what a relief it is when ANY amount is thrown my way. It’s all energy and even a couple bucks has a way of giving me hope to keep creating. 

I will be using the blog space as well, so subscribe to that if you don’t want to miss anything! xo

If this payment box isn’t working, Please let me know! Also my paypal is gremlinwrangler@gmail.com and my venmo is carrielouisegebhardt for other options. 


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