Welcome to the site shop! I am Carrie Louise Wood, a conduit for energy. I create magic and send it out into the world. I believe in misfits, grit, honesty, wholeness and creating a safe space for everyone. You won’t find a whole lot of traditional anything around here, but you will find possibilities.  All my reviews can be found there for now to put your mind at ease that I am the real deal. I take your support very seriously and expect the magic I offer to have amazing results. I love to co-create magic through art, writing, spellwork and other natural elements.

A note about art prints: prints will either be on watercolor paper for small prints or archival paper for bigger ones. Occasionally, if you order one that is not in stock, I might opt to send you a smaller one on archival paper directly from the lab. If you have a preference, please let me know in the checkout notes. 

I’m married to Rebecca Wood, another artist and magical human, and we take care of our family of four space kittens/humanoids, two dogs and three cats in our Kansas home.

Make sure to scroll down and subscribe for updates.This might be an online shop but I do hope you feel the love coming from our passion to share my everyday magic and healing with you in the most honest way possible. ♥


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