Welcome to the site shop! I am Carrie Louise Wood, a healing witch, married to Rebecca, another witch and artist who joins in the shop magic sometimes and believes in misfits, grit, honesty, wholeness and creating a safe space for everyone. You won’t find a whole lot of traditional anything around here, but you will find realness, Honey. We will be phasing Etsy out and moving the offerings here in the coming weeks. All my reviews can be found there for now to put your mind at ease that I am the real deal. I take your support very seriously and expect the magic I offer to have amazing results.

Keep an eye out for all the magic and contact us if you need anything or have questions. Make sure to scroll down and subscribe for updates. Please keep in mind that all listings already include domestic shipping. It makes things much easier on our end! If you are international, we are still happy to send you magic, it will add a bit more to your total. This might be an online shop but I do hope you feel the love coming from our passion to share my everyday magic and healing with you in the most honest way possible. ♥

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