green woman-I am the Heartspark goddess


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This mystical woman showed up one day out of nowhere. I’m entranced by her. She seems full of magic and secrets. I feel that she is inviting you to swim in the mystery. To sit in the void and just be in wonder at how the universe works. To be ok with not having all the answers and know in your bones that magic is at work. Do you see how she questions you? She is offering you something wonderful, for sure.

There are two options for this print. A front and back with my piece of writing called I Am the Heartspark on the back. As follows:

I am the heartspark
a star of yellow and blue and green
weaving my way into your hearts
breaking open the shell

you won’t understand it
your mind might try
but this is deeper,

in the dark moist soil
I am reaching a seed
that was planted
before your birth

A holy yes
of who you are
will now be revealed
in a thousand million different ways

my creativity in revealing your truth
will never waiver, nor will my love for your light
it is time for you to sweep the earth
with peace
love, compassion, fiery change,revolution

You are now a renegade human
a new creation
fully flesh
fully light
fully shakti
fully shiva

stomp the ground with your call
sing with the voice you’ve refused to use
maybe you didn’t even know you had it
let your heartlight burst into the ocean
healing all of Gaia’s deep wounds
for they are also yours
Be the ivy creeping into every forgotten corner

You are not merely human
You are the godspark, magic

You are stars and mud
and as such, contain a power
not yet seen in this universe

Or just the image:

5×7 on watercolor paper
8×10 on archival photo paper
8×10 with text on the back is a watercolor print

please allow 7-14 days for shipping. Usually quicker.

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5 x 7 inches, 8 x 10 inches, 8 x 10 with message


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