My Books

My books are a blend of my physical art and the written word. You can order paperback copies of them from the links below. All books are print on demand and self published through Kindle Direct Publishing.

The Traveler

Join The Traveler as she finds adventure in undiscovered dimensions, uncharted timelines, and straight into the heart of truth. A journey we must all make to discover the love inside us. This is a PRE ORDER, SIGNED copy of my new book! Created through Amazon/Kindle Direct Publishing, 32 pages, full color illustrations in an 8x10 storybook for all ages. If you are international, you may purchase through

The Myrtle Guide to Owning Your Shit

In this 70 page full color book, one sassy ostrich talks turkey about what it means to own your shit.

All of it. Nobody dishes truth like Myrtle. Since her birth in 2015, she has worked her way into the hearts of badasses and misfits everywhere and spoken her quirky truth in a way that has brought smiles and a-ha moments to many. This is her first collection of thoughts, all focused on owning your shit and your magnificence. Full color illustrations throughout and a heavy dose of swearing. This little book is great to have anytime you wanna flip open and be reminded that you are fucking okay just as you are.

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Deep Calling Deep

What happens after the illusion is ripped away from your eyes? How do you wade through a shallow world as a deep ocean? Do you find yourself in between worlds, unsure which way to go?

Deep calling deep is the truth about the journey within. In these pages, you will not find a candy coated method to rid yourself of pain and suffering. You will not find a formula to end the problem of ego. You will find honesty. You will find a human being on a journey of radical self love. You will find words and photographs that will ask you to set your logical mind aside and tune into the deep river inside you. The one that doesn’t speak with words or thoughts.

I invite you to listen to your heartbeat and feel something other in these pages. I invite you on this journey with me. To the heart of hearts, where Spirit meets Bone and love is found.

I Am You: a magical collection of stories and art about awakening

I am you is a magical collection of stories and art about awakening. I believe we are more powerful than we could ever imagine. But to get there, we have to face our shadows. We have to awaken from the dream and the stories. It’s in that spirit that I share these stories that shed light on some of my darkest moments and expose some of my deepest imaginings.

You cannot know light until it brushes up against the darkness. I share them first and foremost for my own healing. The lie is that we are separate. The truth is that we are more connected than we can ever imagine.

Featuring over 20 original full color art pieces and photographs, including Myrtle and The Asp. This is my first book baby and very reflective of my beginnings.