Myrtle is a badass. Obviously. I mean, just look at her. She doesn’t even own a shirt, much less wear one. She doesn’t give two fucks what you think about that either. And she’s not overly concerned what you think about her using the word fuck. Because Myrtle is smart. She lives her life for herself. She loves hard and true but has no time for people’s nonsense. Get on board or get out. Once, she worked at a 50’s themed diner and dreamed of walking on the beach at sunset to feel the peace there. She finally did that and now she’s busy making her dreams come true and owning her life. IMG_9372

What started as a weird dream came out as this character. When I drew her the first time, I felt something really special.

I felt that thing in my gut that I get when something really significant happens. That sort of vibration of connection with the universe. I sat in the bathtub after and just kind of laughed for awhile. Every time I draw Myrtle, I laugh. I laugh because she’s fucking hilarious. She’s so real to me that when I face a situation where I’m caring too much what people might think, like I used to, I ask what Myrtle would say. Not even kidding. I laugh because deep down I feel like Myrtle. I want to be her when I grow up. I feel like I channeled all the awkwardness I’ve felt my whole life: my gangly tallness, my awkward personality, my unusual face, and put it into this bird woman in such a way that says, “a very big EFF YOU to all that insecurity.” I feel like the things I’ve always hated about myself can be amazing. I’m just not looking at them right. So my brain made up Myrtle.

The biggest surprise has been that other people are connecting with Myrtle. I feel like every girl who has ever felt weird and ill fitting for this world, has a hero in Myrtle.


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