I’m Carrie Louise Wood.

I am a healing witch and hermitess.

I love using everyday things to pour my healing magick into for others.  I started drawing in the third grade and was the kid that noticed everything: people’s quirky habits, bits of energy floating through a shaft of light, the undercurrent of emotion in a room, dreaming of things that would later happen. I have always felt things very deeply, and that fuels my work – and my outlook on the world. I connected early on to the earth and the stars, feeling an undercurrent that most people couldn’t see. I began seeing other beings as a kid and it developed more over the years. It wasn’t until 2015 that I realized I was maybe not crazy, but just a very gifted seer and healer. My brain has always worked a bit differently, so it made more sense than anything else. I believe in everyday magic and in sharing that spark of wholeness with those who need it most. I’ve always been a misfit, living near or under the poverty line, dealing with various mental illness, abuse, and I’m queer, coming out later in life, so you won’t find a lot of mainstream new age around here. This is an inclusive space for all misfits and the oppressed, and my heart beats loudest for you who don’t have access to the mockery the healing/spiritual industry has become.

I’m a healer with a lineage deep into Celtic/Germanic magick, so I am here to heal and make that accessible and bring back the ancient ways, following my intuition above all. But mostly I am here to give a finger to this fucked up system we live in and continue to inspire others through my art, writing, magickal offerings to remember their divine spark. It’s time to take it back. With force, if necessary.

My life is about honesty, wholeness, making friends with the darkness, connection, and living outside the box. I live in Kansas with my wife Rebecca, three of four kids, two dogs and three cats where we make our own rules and strive to make every day an adventure.


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