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Welcome to the Starry Cauldron! I’m Carrie Louise Wood.  In my cauldron, I am brewing mysteries and healing all mixed with earthy goodness and a good dose of confessional honesty. I put everything in my cauldron, my whole life. And what comes out is my very own unique brand of majik. We are all on a journey of wholeness and part of my majik is to show you a different possibility of authenticity and remind you of the majik portals in all of our lives.

I am primarily here to document the ever unfolding journey. Mine comes through in my art, writing and whatever other thing I can use. In general, I write and make what I want. Full expression is my jam.  I also offer various readings, energy work and journeys, which is my way of using my gift for reading your energy and reminding you of that inner voice. I am a seer who merely delivers the messages given to me for you. You are always free to take what works and leave the rest. Take a look around and I hope you feel free and loved. Please explore the menu for more information on what I do and why I am here.

SHOPS: I have an Etsy shop to get majickal art, readings, herbal spells, magic, and other curios. My artwork is not just something to hang on the wall in your living room. As a creator dragon energy, with a deep ancestry to Norse majik, I make it with the intention to heal, open and ignite your energy field. I am also the creator of the Starry Cauldron Tarot, which you can read more about on it’s page in the menu.



OTHER SUPPORT OPTIONS: Sometimes people feel that they want to toss some coin my way in the form of other support. It’s always an honor to be the recipient of that generosity. To be honest, these offerings have kept our family going so many times. There are a couple ways to do so.

PAYPAL: There’s a donation button at the bottom of this website and sometimes people set up recurring support there as well as one time donations.

I have a new Facebook group called The Starry Cauldron Circle. It’s a place to share art, majik and conversation on the journey of wholeness. I hope you’ll join us! Find it here! 

If you need some custom work of some kind, send me a message. Think of me like that crazy witch in the woods where you go when you don’t really know what you need, but you know you need something. I can usually find out and give you a hand. It’s why I’m here.

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