If you find yourself in need of some energetic support as you remember your own power, I am down for it. It’s why I’m here! This is something I do over the distance, although I can do it in person too and it’s really potent. What I do for you will be what you need. As such, I cannot adequately describe the end result here. But I’ve been shown that my particular frequency is here to help you rebalance, activate, ignite and various other stabilization and openings in your energy field. Honestly, most people know what they need assistance with at some level.

This particular offering will not be anything written or spoken through audio. It is strictly remote energy work. 

I will be sending you an email replying to your request and another when I’ve finished channeling the energy to you.

If you are feeling the pull to this, even though you might not know why, then I would listen to that.

I am making this available as a love offering or donation or even trade. You can even wait and see how you feel first. 😉 I am trusting fully that everything will be as it should be. Use the contact form below to let me know what you need, even if it’s just one line saying, “I don’t fucking know, but I need a hand.”

I’m here for you.   xoxox

My love offering jar is here.  

If you can’t get the form to work on your mobile device, Just send me an email at gremlinwrangler@gmail.com

(here is a video of the hand movements that I sometimes do during Reiki)




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