Hello and welcome to my services page! I decided there would be a list of what I am currently offering in the way of Magickal work. Please inquire what you are interested in and I will let you know if I am available to offer it. Thank you for your support! For prints and other art things, please continue to use Etsy, which is linked up in the menu.

My Available Books

All books linked through my linktree!

Readings: $33

I offer card or otherwise intuitive readings. I will send you a link to a private youtube video when I’m done.

Journey/trance work: $175

I have a belief that when people remember their deepest selves, all things begin to fall into place. Just a glimpse can ignite and begin a chain reaction of awakening that has to be experienced to be believed. As someone called to the path of the magickal, I learned very early that I could access the trance state or astral realms, see and hear things that often didn’t make any sense to me at the time, but then had a way of unfolding that blew my mind.
When I started doing this for others, the thing I heard most often was, “I don’t understand it all, but I felt like something clicked open.” And after months of follow up, people have reported a continued opening, a clarity and a new field of possibility that wasn’t formerly accessible to them. I often hear from people years later as the deep river connects the workings in which they came to me for help with.
I am a catalytic healer, working with the deepest parts of the human psyche, the bones, if you will and sparking your own innate ability to grow awareness and self healing. I am an animist practitioner and intuitive, a catalyst energy, following in the footsteps of my Nordic, Slavic, and other potent ancestors who were also seers, trusting fully in spirit, making myself a hollow channel for the energy. I do not follow one tradition, I merely trust in my gifts and whatever beings come to me in the astral for you. My gifts allow me to travel many realms and work with a pantheon of earthly and galactic energies.

Options for this session:
1 I do a remote trance and email what I see to you so that you have the written word to read back over anytime you like. Sometimes I will record an audio. It depends on what the energy is telling me. I don’t channel in person or on skype. I tap into you, and write or speak what I see and feel. What comes through will often be in the form of symbolism and sometimes just knowings and intuitive messages I hear. It varies every time. It’s important to remember that the message I get for you while in trance is just the tip of the iceberg. I begin experiencing and processing your energy and the journey up to 24 hours on either side of the actual date I do the journey. Be prepared for this to unlock your energy field in interesting ways. This is something that unfolds over time. I hear from people often from journeys done a year ago that are still experiencing details from their transmission. Please also be aware that I am a chaos practitioner. I walk the path of continual Death. Often people come to me, they do not know why, but it is because there is a part of them that needs to die and I am assisting with that. The process can be brutal, but everything you want is on the other side, trust me. I am happy to help with this. The truth will set you free, as they say.

2 As an additional option, I can add a painting based on the journey I make for you. (the art includes shipping in the cost)
keep in mind that the written/audio portion may not be lengthy. That is not the point. Sometimes the simplest messages can be the most potent. You will receive exactly what you need. The energy contained in the unspoken parts of my work is incredibly potent. This is an investment into yourself and your continued awakening.
It’s an honor to see you.

Remote Energy Healing: sliding scale, offer what you can, if you can

Distance energy healing if you need it. I will often offer group transmissions, but if you need something, please let me know. You can leave me some coin if you’re able, but if you have nothing, I am happy to help also. I work with my core dragon energy so please understand my work goes deep and can be intense. Let’s have a conversation about it first. This will not involve anything but the energy work unless there is something specifically I need to tell you after I do it.

Peer Sessions

If you’d like to book an hour long video chat to talk about anything, I am here to hold space and offer a safe and non judgmental space for your unfolding self. Tip jar/pay what you can

Commissions: prices vary (includes logos and tattoo design)

I am a channel, so I would like to talk about how I approach commissions and what you can expect when I agree to make art for you.

Every artist does things a little differently and when you ask me to make art for you, it is important to understand that I rely on Spirit or the Universe or whatever you want to call it to work through me. Often times I do not even remember making the piece and I have learned how to get out of the way for all the work I make. Or it doesn’t work. If you are looking for someone to make something like what you saw somewhere or even something I’ve made before, it’s not going to work and I am not the artist you are looking for. This causes me a lot of anxiety and I need complete freedom to channel art for you. The result will be sometimes surprising and always full of transformative energy. As such, I am a shamanic artist.

I am able to hook into the seed of what you’re looking for and use my gift of channeling art to create just what you need. Especially if you don’t know exactly what you need and want me to read your energy instead, this is my favorite. There is a healing element to all of my work that will continue to unfold for you over time.

Important things for you to know about my process:

  1. I am an intuitive painter. This means, I listen to your desires, plug into them and then let whatever wants to come through, come through. You may show me a starting point, like inspo photos, but please remember your piece will look nothing like it. I am feeling into the energy of what you’re wanting and going from there.
  2. Each piece is like a shamanic journey that I do for you. I go through a very emotional and physical process to make this work for you, from the moment I receive payment to up to a couple weeks after I complete it for you. It is a transmutation that I go through using the art. You will feel it too in some way.
  3. The end result is final. You must understand this before we begin. I will not repaint it if you’re not happy. It doesn’t work that way.
  4. Please look at my body of work. What you see there is very similar in some ways to what you will be getting as well. While every piece is different, I think you will feel my energy signature within them all.
  5. All my commission work might include a high res digital file for you to use for your project, if need be. You also get the original. It’s a package deal.
  6. This would apply to any tattoo or logo design as well, should you desire me to channel that for you.
  7. What I would like to know from you is the medium and size. I am open to charcoal, acrylic, watercolor or a mixed media, paper or canvas. We can discuss this if you aren’t sure.

I do have a sliding scale on rates, depending on the desired work; size, medium and content, and will give you a quote once I’ve considered your request and all the details. Please message me below if you’d like to discuss your ideas. Please know that I am very particular about what commissions I take on. I have learned over the years when it is a yes in my body or a no. It’s nothing personal if I say no. It’s just that I need to listen to that intuition and make sure it’s a good fit. I am a very specific kind of artist, as I am using art as energy/healing work and would love to channel for you as well.

thank you!