A bit about Dragons

hello! I realized I had been posting youtube links on my wordpress app and they weren't showing up as links. Sorry about that! Here is one from today. https://youtu.be/vjP2JPOe_dM  

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Rising waters

I'm sitting in a heavy fog on this early kansas morning. Birds are singing. For just a minute I see the low orange sun peeking through the neighbor's lilac bush…

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what if

2015 What if we looked ourselves in the mirror and said, “you are fucking amazing” ? What if we said, out loud, to other people, “I am fucking amazing at…

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Dear priestess

November 5, 2015 Dear priestess, You are filled with magic. With fluid tenacity you move with feline agility through the ethos. Your wounds got you here, but it's your birthright…

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September 2015

I'm still pulling info from old writings and notes. I am using the stories feature on IG at times as well, if you're not already following me there. That platform…

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elephant dream

sometimes I stumble across things in my notes that speak to needing to be documented here. a dream from 2017 i was at the ocean and i felt it was…

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