When I make art, I approach it as a channel for spirit or my subconscious to communicate deep truth to me. It’s the same when I paint for others. Through the years, in shamanic cultures, there has always been a spiritual practitioner who not only offered energy work and service to the community through readings and journey work, but often used art as a medium to transmit energy and allowed for the opening of the energy field to begin self healing. While I have been an artist since the third grade, my personal journey has been one of magical unfolding and an intertwining of the art as a tool to channel energy and spirit to myself and others.

I stopped painting for about 10 years in my twenties and thirties due to depression and life things. And when I began again in 2014, it came out way different and very potent in that I noticed people reacting very differently to the work. I received many personal and confessional messages from strangers and friends that made me begin to see the art differently than I ever had. For me, since then, it’s been a way to empty myself, get out of the way and let the universal energy speak through me with imagery.

In my shop, you will find more of my work for sale. This is just a sample. It is my belief that my work does contain specific frequencies that support an opening of the energy field and is powerful medicine. I’m honored to share it with you.

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