About Carrie

Hi! My name is Carrie Louise Gebhardt. I am a multi-gifted artist and guide to navigating energies. My pronouns are she/they and I am an empress energy. I’m a bit like an octopus who needs to keep all tentacles busy with something at all times. I am a muse who loves to express my unique frequency and inspire others to be who they were born to be. I believe we are giving birth to a new paradigm and I am currently shifting into the role I was born for.   I like to say that I follow a Muse and definitely am my own cosmos. The other side of the double edged sword is healing from the trauma I’ve experienced in my life,  and learning to honor my wiring with late diagnosed autism and adhd.

I believe magic can be found in the most everyday of things. Just being human with an enormous heart feels the most magic of all. 

 My experience in this life has been unusual to say the least, as I’ve always had a foot firmly planted in the seen and the other in the unseen.  Honoring all parts, living as a whole being. Trusting my gifts radically, first and foremost. 

My art has gotten some attention over the years including photography featured in the New York Times, an award from BlogHer, several art shows, Myrtle the Ostrich recognized and boosted by author Elizabeth Gilbert, to name a few. I’ve also co-illustrated two children’s books and self published a few of my own, including my own tarot deck. 


But mostly, I am here to embody my fullest weirdest self, putting one foot in front of the other each day, with a large dose of grace, and rebellion to the system that does not benefit the underdogs. I’m dreaming big, ready for big changes and that starts with expressing myself fully.