I’m realizing this has morphed into a series. I’m going with it. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. If you’d like to send me coin for the content I am creating, check the support page here on the website or my linktree.

As I’m recording these and letting go of more and more, especially as I am currently freefalling into something I cannot see at all and have no idea how it will work out, I am realizing that I have no more patience or tolerance for people who treat me like a child who has no clue what she’s doing. I do not expect anyone to understand my path and how unusual it is. However, I will not tolerate listening to unsolicited advice from anyone, especially people who have not lived the life I’ve lived. I do realize this resistance in my life is apparently the sandpaper I need to finally get pissed, pop out of my own anxiety and stand up for myself. I have survived atrocious things and created so much out of nothing my entire life. I will not tolerate anyone who thinks it’s ok to come in and caution me against the way I am living my damn life. Ever. I allowed this for so long and it will not fly now. Let me re-introduce myself now. If you cannot support me, that’s ok. I don’t expect it, despite how nice it would be to be supported after giving everyone I know that kind of love and freedom. But if you don’t approve of how I do things, then get the fuck out of my way. At the very least. (no one here in this space has done anything of the sort, but it happens elsewhere and I needed to make it clear here in this space also) My intuition is not negotiable any longer.

Listen to me: you don’t know owe any person an explanation of you following your path. There are those of us here who are being called to make decisions that look like utter madness and foolishness to the people we know. Are you really going to ignore your own knowing for one more day? I can’t do it anymore and I bet you’re tired of it too. The things we desire and the things we want are going to require radical choosing of self. No matter how selfish it looks. Because ultimately everyone is going to benefit from you stepping into the life that feels the most like YOU. What do you want? What are you waiting for? Can you trust that spark that keeps showing you where your fire ignites?

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