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  1. Eva

    Thank you, to me this is / you are one of the few that make sense.
    Juggling yesterday’s assignment.
    I can feel something coming, but can’t quite envision it yet.
    Somewhere a feeling of great yoy is lurking 🙂 ♡

    1. Carrie

      Yes, I feel the joy come in at times and I just sob or laugh. It’s uncontrollable. It’s undeniable.

  2. houseofwyn

    Was definitely there until the end. I adored the Narnia books, at least the few I read. Your message really spoke to me as one who has delved into in all the magical/metaphysical things and never found a home. I’m also left brained, hyper logical/reasoning and claircognizant. I’m so ready to float for a change. I just want to ride a wave of love into the future.

    1. Carrie

      It’s so hard to hope for anything at this point but I can’t deny something is changing. I seem to be burrowing myself even deeper into isolation and it feels right to spend this time strengthening myself and my own voice somehow. Grateful for access to make these little videos and keep in touch.

  3. Mandy Steward

    Laughing out loud with such joy at your first story of the exercise ball. Haven’t even watched the rest of the video. 😆🥰

    1. Carrie


  4. Reiki Flower

    “numbers make no sense to me.” … the first time i have heard another person say this! thank you. /… Memories. yes.// just knowing things [and i lived in a family that always insisted on accuracy and ‘argument’ [although, they would call it ‘discussion’] to ,what felt like, test my actual knowledge. and i could never substantiate the information. it just WAS. and i knew i was right. but their questioning what i said made me doubt myself/second guess myself. i still do. it didn’t help that i was the youngest in the family. my brothers said i was stupid when i would say ‘absolutes’. // This talk is stirring up all sorts of recognition. Carrie, i feel seen. <3 // Back to memories. constantly in movies, books, and tv … Songs! so much a resonance to past experiences. such a deep knowing. [that can't be explained, but i feel it deep, deep in my gut. it's solid and pure and excites me]. // I'M NOT GOING CRAZY. … i never was [or even did when i had my mental breakdown. i cracked open then and it was so much so soon.] // Thank you so much for 'coming out'. Again, i feel SO seen. thank you.

    1. Carrie

      It makes me so happy to hear that you feel seen. I also struggle with people coming in and questioning the way I navigate things and trying to make me see the reality of a situation. It’s like a slap in the face and gets under my skin.

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