You were the last straw
My hope
On shaky legs
From the battles
I’ve fought
Somehow the flame
Stayed lit
But when your door
The rush of silence
Blew it out
And now it’s just grief
Swirling around
In my chest cavity
It feels like
Denying the most
True thing
I’ve ever known
I’ll never be the same
After allowing myself
To really wish
To really want something
After not daring to
It’s a worse cut
To my already tired heart
I give up
The pressure is too much
I’m learning to say
I can’t do that
I’m not able
After pushing myself
For my whole life
To take the high road
To keep going
But I won’t now
I cannot
I can’t figure this out
I can’t stop wanting it
I can’t stop my heart
I wish I could
It’s up to the universe now
Because I quit.

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