I don’t remember much, but I remember the last thing my Grandmother said to me in the other dimension. 

“Dearheart. You will forget everything. Everything that you’ve known. Who we are. Who you are. But some part of you will always know. And that world. It has a way of trying to keep you from remembering. They are very comfortable with the way they’ve set things up there. But they don’t know what Earth really is. Well. The powers that be know exactly what it is. We’ve all been in exile for so long. You will have to undergo extensive training starting from the time you enter their reality. We’ve given you everything you need and will communicate with you more and more over time. The longer you are there, the more the energy will shift and you will begin to hear us, dream of us, and remember us and yourself. You exist best in twilight when the veil is thinnest. Twilight is a portal to our exiled realm. Find us there. Especially when the sun becomes golden and sideways. Become Twilight. Walk there. It is where you will feel your truest form.” 

She lifted her lilac trunk, the hairs follicles standing on end as an electric current began to bloom within her. She placed the tip of it against my forehead and placed a gift there. A small memory but a potent one. 

“My love. Your inheritance will be waiting. You come from a long line of royalty but you will live in such a way that it will change you intrinsically. This is necessary to become a conduit for shifting the system of wealth energy to those who have the blueprints for change and have agreed to come to this dimension. This can only happen through certain experiences. No matter how things look on the outside, remember that you are always exactly where you need to be. You are always protected. You are always loved. Your purpose will unfold without you thinking much about it. You don’t need to worry. Just be.”

My antennae lit up at her touch. Her energy is like fireflies on a warm night. Gentle and soft. Her first gift was projecting herself into my early human experience as my Grandmother there also. Not fully realized, but our souls could talk from the beginning. There has only been one other I’ve had that kind of soul talk with here. She always smelled like flowers and I could see home in her eyes. 

Before the memory fades, I can hear her saying one last thing. 

“Inside you lies the memories of the Others. All creatures of our kind who have projected their spirits into the human experience. It may not seem like anything is happening most of the time, but just do what comes naturally even if it’s nothing like anyone else there. Over time, more will remember. Who needs to find you, will.” 

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  1. Bridget

    Thank you for these stories. My own antennae rise to meet you.

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