I made a logo for my friend Kelly at True North Psychotherapy. She is in the process of updating her website and frequency she is putting out for her work. It’s not something I do very often, but every once in awhile someone with the right frequency comes along and asks me to create something for their business or sacred work in the world. I love when this alignment happens. As I need to work in complete freedom and no parameters, or trying to make my work fit into a certain paradigm. Things are changing and those who are looking for art to reflect that change in the system can find a friend in me. Being able to absorb someone’s frequency and just let the output be what it is and having their trust that what comes out is just what they need as a beacon for their purpose, is the most magical thing for me. And the easiest thing. It brought me so much joy to create this for her. She understood my process and gave me the freedom I need.

I love the work Kelly is doing in the world. Like many of you, we have had a lot of parallel experiences and seem to be on a similar 🌊. Kelly is helping people by using her gifts sharpened by real life experience. I feel really honored when people such as her ask me to be a co-creator for them. 🍄I’m so pleased when beautiful souls like her begin to experience thriving and joy.

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