Hard as we might try, there are some things that refuse to be captured. The moon, the ocean, mountains, and this land I drove through formed by the hands of the Giants. I did not expect to have such an experience with the fae of these lands through southwest Wyoming and northern Utah. Even into Idaho a bit. The way the road wound me through these mammoths. The way I’ve been dreaming of some of these roads since I was a child. My jaw was on the floor most of the day yesterday. My future self has been leaving me breadcrumbs a long time. I know these western lands somehow. The truth is, we are moving. The portal house in Kansas is on the market. Everything happened very quickly and what started as a trip to celebrate my new book, has morphed into a recon mission led by my future self. It’s already been done, it’s already been written. Now I’m just living it and it’s unlike anything I’ve experienced yet. I should arrive in Oregon today and I can already hear the fae laughing. I have felt held this entire trip and have cried and released most of the time. When something is real, you feel it deep in your bones and your deepest self begins the big journey of transition. And then you hang on the best you can. Magic awaits.

I can no longer put thoughts together. I’ve seen too much. Felt too much. Heard so much from spirit and this land. I’m keenly aware of my autistic brain after such a long journey. The meltdowns and the grace for that. Midas would rather be in the car than in a hotel room at this point. Big adjustments. And now we get to do the WHY we came here. Driving down the coast with Jacki and I’ll so welcome the company and support. I had moments where I was like “I actually did just get in my car with my dog and drive 1800+ miles?!” 😱 and proud moments of fuck yeah I did! I want to say everything right now about how much I cried from happiness mingled with the grief of my life so far. How lucky I feel to be on this journey. To see this beauty. To trust in something I can’t see. But I AM seeing it. It’s unfolding in the most beautiful way. It’s taking a big leap but I just keep receiving all these gifts along the way. Keep going, they say! You’re doing it! Get out of your head! P.S. that sketch was from BEFORE I knew I was moving here.

Soon I’ll Return to Kansas and wrap things up there. I miss my boys and my nervous system misses my comfort things. Midas too. But everything is going to change now and I feel like a rocket landing very chaotically into a new dimension.

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  1. Julie

    Thanks for the magical report from the road 💚

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