And one day, King Midas heard his friend, The Wind, invite him and The Traveler to journey west to explore something new on the horizon. The Ocean and The Wind had conspired to pull them out and give them a very special gift to share with everyone they met and the world. They didn’t know what awaited them through this portal that had opened, but they knew all would be revealed with a big leap, trust and a little Luck!

Join us on this special adventure as me and King Midas load up and drive from Kansas to the Oregon coast. We are on a fact finding mission and celebrating the launch of the next Traveler book! When the Ocean calls, you had better listen. So we are. It is a big leap of faith and I want to take you all with me as we discover magic along the way. I’ll be making content as we go and gathering pieces for the next Traveler book in the future.

If you’d like to support our journey, there are a few ways! In my linktree are links to support with coin. We are trusting the magic that all our needs will be met for our journey and back home. We are asking the Mycelium to connect with us. That’s YOU. I’ll be broadcasting on all my platforms and my blog, so subscribe to that if you want to follow along. Big magic happens for everyone when I follow my muse. We will also be needing places to stay along the way. We’re going to be taking our time and we want to say hello on the way if you’re on our route! Meet King Midas and let’s have a coffee! I’ll have a few copies of my book too.

We’re leaving soon, like by the end of the month if everything lines up and I’d love to also have a support team that I can reach out to with questions along the way. I’ve never taken a big road trip like this on my own, so it feels good to know I have people helping me along the way if I need it. Especially being alone and having a dog with me, even if he is a King. You can also share about this. You never know who my frequency will reach and feel prompted by the Muse to help out. The Mycelium is connecting now. Reach out if you’d like to help in any way. We feel so excited to be going on this adventure and to meet up with fellow traveler, Jacki once we get to Oregon for that leg of the journey down the coast. Magic awaits!

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