“You have impeccable timing,” she said when I brought the pizzas.

“I always do. I’m not sure how or why,” I laughed.

“Then your superpower must be luck?”

“Haha maybe. Although I’ve had a really hard life. But maybe the fact that I’m still alive when I shouldn’t be.”

“Hmm. I think so.”

I always have these deep interactions with the most unlikely of people. Almost as if the Universe floats into peoples bodies when I show up and just be myself.

And the universe keeps reminding me that I’m now entering the sweet spot of my life. That better days are here. That everything I ever wanted, back when I was learning the world is a hellscape to be survived, when at any moment, your very life could be up for debate, could finally be coming to me. There were a lot of times I did not want to stay here, I’ve written about that a lot. But something kept me here, whispering, “not yet. Hang on a little longer. Every dream in that child’s heart is about to come true.”

And it makes my chest hurt and tears flood down my face, because she had big big dreams. And I’ll protect them fiercely for her. I remind her that we are some lucky sons of bitches to have made it through all that with our heart intact. And that luck is going to explode into the whole world now. We have a lot of stories to tell.

Better days

Sweet spot

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