Yesterday my proof came in the mail. I was so nervous I couldn’t open it. This is not my first book. I’ve self published several others. But this feels different somehow. I’m different now. I finally opened it and took it to show Chaz, my adult offspring and immediately starting sobbing. He was alarmed and didn’t understand. But sometimes when I feel things, even happiness, it hurts. There is so much to feel. My child self dreamed of making books. And I felt her inside me so happy to be living in more and more freedom every day.

It needs some tweaks with the illustrations so I took some time this morning to read through it again and make sure all was in order now that some time had passed. There’s always this fear of Not As Good As I Originally Thought. But as I read through it, I got a vision and a feeling in my body that I am doing exactly what I am here to do. And I am having fun, which is the most important part. I think this is why it’s so special to me in a different way this time. Because more and more, I am making choices for myself only. Doing things the way that I am designed to do them. And I’m really proud of myself for coming though these last dark years and choosing myself over and over.

Keep an eye out. 👁 The Traveler will be going live very soon! 💫

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