Do you ever have those moments where you do something that does not seem logical or look good on paper and end up feeling so alive and content and you just never expected that? That’s been the last week for me. I have spent more time in my studio than I have in over a year. I’ve learned so much about rest too so I’m using all the tools now. I feel SO content. And the universe just keeps opening doors. I love it so much.

P.s. my hip joints are doing better but I’m still not able to lift. Just being very careful and finally giving everything a chance to really heal.

Reminders: presale is open for the next traveler book. Check my previous post for deets.

My new quilt collages are going to be in the shop, someone asked so I thought I’d let you know. Not the one I’m working on now. That’s just for me. ♥️

The universe gifted me with a free sewing machine yesterday and I’m over the moon. It’s way fancier than I’ve ever had!

I’m very grateful for you all being on this journey with me! Xo

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  1. Julie

    I’m happy to hear your happily in the flow Carrie 💚

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