from Deep Calling Deep, published 2016

you are not who you think you are
this human being
merely working to survive
raising your kids
getting your hair cut
searching for the perfect house

you are so much more than you seem
you’ve wondered about it
you feel it when you watch someone dance
full of passion and fire
and something you can’t put your finger on

you felt it when you were a child
and you read a story about magic
and creatures of the forest with wings
and the princess who had no idea
that she was a warrior of truth

you felt it when that first wet, wrinkled human
slid out of your own body
and you said, “It’s a human!”
because even then you knew
you are not from this place.

and you are not alone
there is a gathering underway
your light body self has been calling your brothers and sisters
the ones you danced with in the light
the ones you’ve seen when you close your eyes
and go to the place of remembering

stop doubting what you’ve seen behind those closed lids
the drumbeats always bring you back
because the gathering of light
where you were surrounded by your soul family
was more real than this place of density and illusion

listen to the music inside you, Dearheart
you are made for this
you have nothing to fear, ever

I know that voice is so loud right now
pat him on the head and remind him
that the sun is too immense to ever deny it’s existence

and you have not been forgotten or mislead
these are the days of fog and clouds
we have been given these glimpses
to know what is coming
the gathering has started

you are the light bringers
the music makers
the dancers of flame
the heart of the world
the ushers of peace
the fire of life


keep putting one foot in front of the other
find each other
share your stories
open your minds
let your hearts bleed love everywhere you go
you will find each other

the gathering is coming
and it is time

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we are exactly where we need to be

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