Truth be told
I feel so beautiful
When I’m alone
And it’s just me
And the energy
I’m transported
Into other dimensions
I’m always afraid
Of being wrong
That if I share
This magick I feel
Inside myself
That I let others see
That they’re all
Just laughing
Like they’ve done
So many other times
I loved some wretched
unusual thing
“What you love is disgusting”
That laughter
Has rang cruelly
For too many years
Inside the chambers
Of my heart
My fingers
Around the bars
Of my cage
I ate the key
But it turns out
I don’t need it
Some holy voice
Made of blood
And fire
Blazed up my spine
And ripped those bars
A crumbling cage
Of ash and sorrow
And I saw it
The terrible beauty
Of us all
Phoenix rising
Lies exposed
And if I don’t love it
The spark I carry
The way I move
The way I sing
The way I am
I will surely die

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