You are flames and when you come together the fire will burn brighter than all the hate.

The light will consume the darkness and a great shift will occur.

I see fields of yellow and blue

I see smiling people with clean energy flowing through them

I see ascension through mud tears blood and sweat. Enlightenment comes through your humanity.

Humanity is the container to reach true enlightenment. It’s found in the body and out of the body. The perfect marriage of flesh and spirit.

We came here to feel. We came here to marry bone and fire and wind and water.

I lay naked, open at the base of the great volcano

He’s been still for weeks upon weeks, eons

If I am very quiet, I hear the rumbling under the earth

If I’m very still, I feel the heat rising to my back

I lay in the shallow water because I know the fire is coming

I’m not scared. I call to it with my bonesong

I’m rattling inside, in a steady rhythm, calling to the volcano above me, below me

I open my legs in waiting

My eyes are closed but I feel it coming

Down down the side of the mountain

Hotter than the sun, thicker than blood

It’s coming for me

My heart beats in the slow pulsing beat of the explosions

After years of waiting, the hot lava inches to my toes

Open. Welcome. I’ve waited for so long

Toes feet ankles calves up the center and finally inside me

The water laps around my body- cool

The fire enters me- hot

I become formless, lifted, but grounded

Ecstasy fills every cell

I absorb every sensation. I am complete.

(text written sometime 2015, self portraits, 2/21/22)

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