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I like it when Myrtle makes a resurgence. It’s been quite a journey with this bird. I think for awhile I was trying to censor her. Ironic. As I untangle myself and all forms of spirituality that has (also ironically) kept me in a cage, I realize how I’ve kept my feral side in check. It’s a cut throat world out there and yes you can be kind of an asshole, but fair. There is no god up there waiting to judge your good deeds, only other people policing you on the reg. And I find spirituality mostly about taking really good care of myself and learning how to like just who I am.

I am traveling some bitter worlds at the moment and that’s ok. I know how to move through them and there is something for me to discover here. It is my nature. Asking a lot of questions about what I really want and what I want to do going forward. Feeling some frustration at the options. I wish I had the audience for patreon level support so I could quit delivering pizza, rest my body which is in daily pain and write The Traveler Books. There is only so much energy in this pie every day.

Here’s a digest.

Yesterday I was chatty on the twitters.

and some tiktoks as well. There are just days when I cannot stop making videos.


Its the clacky teeth for me. King midas has a lot to say about walks. #greatpyranees #labrador #doggo

♬ original sound – @thestarrycauldron

I was feeling better so i skated for almost an hour. It felt so good.

♬ State Of Grace (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift

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  1. melanie

    Hi Carrie….I sent a paltry sum to your Paypal (I wish it were more). Is there any way you could set up a regular donation/subscription thingy through there…so there’d be no need for Patreon? Just a thought. Patreon is great, and also horrible. ~m.

    1. Carrie

      Hi!! Thank you so much for the coin! Everything helps. I did have a subscription thingy once but cancelled it bc I got weird about it. Let me see what I can do!

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