A snippet:

And my grandmother said, before I left on my first journey, “you must always keep your helmet on, Dearheart. You must always protect your identity. Here you have been protected and cherished. But it will not be so in most other places you travel. They will smell the difference on you. No matter what skin you wear. You might find 2 or 3 that you can share your truest identity with, but your energy must be used to create and explore and express and plant seeds for explosions of change. Not for constantly fighting and running from those who wish you did not exist.”

Then she wrapped me in her long trunk and we made a promise to meet again under the three moons when I had completed many missions.

I think I’ve gone back to the notion that this is meant to be a book vs a zine. I’ve been sitting with it for awhile and even though it feels Very Big, it feels like the right path for now. Either way, I am guided to take my time with this as many ideas are coming in and many details are being worked out. My greatest wish would be if I could manifest a professional publisher who believes in my vision, in which I would not have to compromise my ideas or process but could help me with the parts I am not wired to do. So I’m going to be waiting for that magick while I make myself visible. I no longer believe I need to stretch myself in unnatural ways to make things happen. Everything wonderful and perfect has always dropped right in my lap after making myself visible. So I trust my path now.

In the meantime , there is still a support page for this project and every little bit puts energy into this creation and frees me from work to just make a buck and into this work, which is my souls purpose. Xo

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