Some notes on The Fear

The Fear isn’t even a being. And as such, must attach itself to beings like a parasite. In all of my journeys, I have met The Fear. I’m not talking about the rational fear that if you touch fire, you will burn yourself. On earth that is a truth. But in some worlds, fire is different and your skin is different, so one might be able to even walk through a fire. There are old stories of beings who visited earth, who had achieved such a level of physicality that they could walk through fire. These are principles that are not widely known or achievable in this world. 

But I digress. The Fear is a consciousness that has invaded many places. Especially worlds where there is a Great Fuckery happening, like earth. The Malevolent learned of this energy and turned it into a food source and controlling mechanism for keeping beings “in line.” It all started so long ago. They made a system designed to make beings fail unless they are the top percent in power. Everything from the way you live here to the way you present yourself to the world, to the who you love and how you make money is infected with The Fear. The Fear acts as a cage and if you try to step out of that cage, it activates the Fear mechanism so you’ll go back in. 

Some beings, like the Malevolent, feed on this fear. I’m not talking about feeling a feeling and then getting on with the task of being your awesome self. I’m talking about crippling Fear with a capital F. Day in and day out of straight up panic, maybe low key, but it’s always there. They want you to believe that you can have some control over your life. But in that construct, it is a lie. The only control you really have is stepping out of the construct. Into a new or different dimension. Then you’ll find that Fear is not necessary. But like anyone who leaves an abusive situation of any kind, it will take some time to learn you are safe. And when your nervous system learns it is safe, you can then begin to learn what magick you have. 

The biggest thing The Fear tells people is that they are alone and they are going to fail if they don’t keep doing all the things they are supposed to do. This construct is very good at putting layer upon layer of guilt and expectation to be a certain kind of person in order to survive and succeed. Independence at any cost. But the truth is, humans are like the Mycellium. But blind to how connected they are to each other. Humans may not be able to see all the threads connecting them, but they are never ever alone. There is an unknowable and ever changing Force that can be tapped into at all times, but especially when The Fear has a hold of your heart. This is a special doorway if one can only ask for help. And expect the unexpected. 

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