Buckle up. This isn’t going to be a smooth activation but of course they never are. However there is something that happens when The Fuckery pounds us over and over. We either let go of much needed ways of being that stopped working a long time ago, or we become gremlins. No judgment either way. We’re all on our own paths. But for those of you hanging by a thread, has the perspective shifted yet as the blood rushed from one end of your body to the other? How are those new branches growing after that intense pruning a couple months ago?

If you’re still standing, you can expect the unexpected during the next few weeks. I’m feeling a lot of heat, a visitor from somewhere familiar that will assist in lighting up various sleeping energy centers. There is a doorway presenting itself and you have the key. In fact, you are the key. It has a feeling of alignment that we have looking for. I always say I don’t know what I want until I see it. It feels like that. And a bonus is a gift from the wizard himself: rock solid discernment. For once, we will not be plagued with doubts because when you know, you know.

Hang onto your hats Loves. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

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