The traveler is going to be a zine! I have lots to learn about this amazing medium that will be perfect for this series. I’m a bit overwhelmed at the moment but will be processing what I need to know to begin putting content together. I’ve been writing little stories and making my sketchies and dreaming and listening to the muse.

I so appreciate the donations I’ve gotten so far. I do have a goal of at least reducing my time at pizza delivery. I’m a projector energy type in human design and that means in order to create, I need to be using my energy wisely and focusing on the work I am here for. I literally cannot create otherwise. And it’s true! Every time I’ve done my writing and art or photography full time, I feel so free and amazing working in my own flow. My body is getting to the point that I need more and more recovery time. So, those donations help me take care of our needs and get me closer to the goal of doing the work I am designed to do. Which benefits everyone who loves my work and message. Win/win

I didn’t mean to talk about all that but it came out so there we are. If you’d like to support the creation of the traveler series, there are two links in my linktree. Options.


I can’t wait to get the first zine out, but am reminding myself that there is no rush to learn! I want to have fun every step of the way. 👾

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