And that bag of Doritos contained the dust of laughter. A precious gift indeed for this next leg of the journey. With each satisfying crunch, the Traveler could feel the weight of their time in Deathland lift more and more and the bubble of play fill their heart.

I’m really really excited about this project. And scared and angry at the internet and so many things! Anytime I post something with a link or mention of support, shop, etc, my posts go to no man’s land where it stays forever. I’m trying so hard to not focus on that but it’s one of my biggest fears! I need to feel seen.

But! Magick has come through some lovely people in the form of donations and etsy sales so I’m going to focus on that!

And for my next trick, I’m going to erase all the algorithms. and in the coming days finally the real will be celebrated and supported.

I am a Sagittarius moon and Venus, backed by a ton of Scorpio, and you cannot stop this train! I just might get salty sometimes. And honestly the world as we knew it needs to go, so there’s that.

Maybe I’ll cause some mischief today. 😉

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  1. juliemontinieri

    QUEEN Myrtle! She’s bound to cause some trouble. I love the excitement in your voice.

  2. Mandy

    This is delightful. Myrtle shaking up the algorithm snow globe. Shakey shakey!

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