“take a chance you stupid Ho” -Gwen Stefani

OMG I am so excited. Sometimes I feel as if I’m under the soil for SO long and then BAM it all comes together. A focus, an idea, an inspiration hits and the arrow that has been drawn back and back aaaaannnndd back gets released. And the beauty is that I have no fuckin idea what the end result will ultimately be and I am ok with that! What I do know: I am going to be putting my creative energy into writing more Traveler books! I’m imagining a field guide to interdimensional travel. I’m imagining a hardbound book with notes, drawings, ancient language, spells and notes about creatures. I’m imagining all the characters I’ve been painting telling their stories! All of this needs time, space and rest for my creative mind to work properly. I’ve learned so much this year and in the last few years about burn out and how I am designed to work! I’ve also learned so much about receiving financial support for my process, however it looks! So much is coming together now! I hope you’ll visit the support page to read more. And of course the first Traveler book is still available in my Etsy shop and on Amazon. Turns out, it’s volume ONE. 🙂 Here’s to letting this thing be created how it wants!

I will be sharing here and on the socials as usual. This will be all about process. Just like I already do. I’m so nervous! But I know that’s a good sign. I have so many stories inside me and always have, I just needed to rest for awhile and make my life a good and safe place to allow them to come out.

Here’s the first bit and a video I also posted on IG with more info.

The Traveler and the Red Doors

A field guide to interdimensional life

When I came into this world, Travelers were very rare. The amount of sludge built up around the atmosphere could not be cut even with a cosmic chainsaw, so Traveling was very difficult for a long time. Only a few of us with a very specific frequency pattern could get in and out. That and a high level life challenge blueprint ie: a heartbreaking shitshow of an experience that activated our ability to transmute the energy here and shoot off into other realms. I suppose I should tell you a little about what a Traveler even is, as best as I can. Travelers are many things and wear many faces. Some call us shapeshifters, some call us psychic and some call us prophets, among many other things. We don’t really fit anywhere. Total misfits and rebels. Tricksters sometimes. Free agents. You’ve probably seen us in the most unlikely of places and maybe even turned your nose up at us because we aren’t usually palpable in this realm.  But truthfully, I’ve never understood the need to name anything. Where’s the fun in that? As soon as I’m given a name, I pop off into another world and become the exact opposite. There is something so finite about naming a thing. It feels like a box and I hate boxes like I hate the sound of a fork against my teeth. But here in this world, we need words and it frustrates me. But sometimes, words are so beautiful. Behind the words, you can put a frequency and then the word becomes MORE. It makes my whole body tingle at the potential. Some can hear it and some can’t. But many more will in the days to come. Words will become more and also less necessary. 

Which brings me to my point: Travelers. More and more are being born every day. Something beyond my understanding happened to this world recently and a whole lot more is possible. There are red doors appearing everywhere and humans are going through them. They are saying “Fuck this shit!” at epic levels and getting off the merry go round. What is on the other side can be very jarring for someone who has gotten used to living a certain way. So I thought I’d do my part and make an ongoing guide of everything I’ve encountered during my travels so far. Maybe it would be helpful for the ones realizing they are Travelers too. Maybe this is just something fun for me to do. That’s always a plus. We can learn so much from the other worlds and experiences of a Traveler. And I’m no expert at anything except devouring bags of Doritos at a time. (one of the best parts of this world, in my humble opinion!)  But I do love an adventure and I live to tell the stories of my experiences and those creatures I meet for anyone who will listen. 

Expect the unexpected. 

(this still frame says it all, tbh)

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  1. Mandy

    Doritos are my favorite. And I’m not peeing my pants but tears did well up in my eyes upon reading this. These images and stories of yours remind me of being a kid and pulling that gnome book off the shelf every time I went to visit my friends Sally and Bob Antone.

    I keep saying this prayer of sorts for you:

    Let them have all the time and resources they need to create. More and more abundance of resources until by the end of next year they may be able to do exclusively this (no more pizza delivery) if that is their desire.

    This prayer surfaced when you mentioned a Myrtle tarot deck, but low energy to make it come to be. Whether you ever make a Myrtle tarot deck is of course beside the point. The point is I believe in people getting to do what they love and feel supported in doing it. I believe in a world that can sustain this, and I want to help make it with very practical earthy pentacle magic.

    I am working my own way to this lifestyle as well. One where our work is our play, is our art, is our vision, is our flow. The healing process is removing the obstructions I have placed to stop the flow. I don’t think this is hard work. It takes mindfulness and little pauses and shifts and patience. It takes presence. The more people doing this the merrier.

    I need the practice of connecting to this sort of currency/economy/synarchy with others who I believe in. I’ve been looking for opportunities to practice this -Investing in hope and creativity as one would invest in the stock market or give tithe to a church. And as I grow, you grow and the world I believe in grows. (And vice versa.) So you have my support. I’m committing to you over the next year through 2022. A portion of the money I personally make through my creative work will filter through you. I feel like I need to say it in words here, like one would chant a spell.

    I believe in flow which is not churning out work on a strict schedule, but allowing the work to come through as it is revealed to you, sustainable for you and your health and your heart. I see your belief in this too and it is so refreshing.

    Small repeatable enjoyable steps is the play we artists (travelers/prophets) are being called to create a new world. Not the force of getting it out, but opening up to what is already there and letting it flow.

    I am so excited for what your work/play does for me. It gives me access to wonder from a perspective I wouldn’t otherwise have access to. As you already know, I have fallen in love with The Traveler because The Traveler is also me.

    1. Carrie

      I’m not even sure what to say to this but you’ve touched my soul and I 👁you!

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