It’s nothing I can explain. It’s just something I do. Maybe just for me, maybe not. Depends on your lens.

♬ original sound – @thestarrycauldron

Ok, thank you to those who sent me email to let me know the videos weren’t working yesterday! I wanted to find a way to share my tiktok videos sometimes here. I actually love the ease of creating content on that platform and the options I have there. But I know not everyone is on there, so being able to share that here is great. Hopefully it’s working now. I just needed to embed it.

In other news, the energies just keep getting weirder. Last night I was awake until almost midnight and I am habitually asleep as early as 8. It was troubling. Even after that, I did not really sleep. But I did have more interesting dreams which I had been missing for some months. It ended with someone who ran a restaurant named Stassl. No idea. But it was a food that replenished itself every day. Reminded me of manna from the bible. You couldn’t save it, it was just enough for each day. In the dream, it was a food that looked like a vegetable, kind of a cross between a leek and a carrot. Hard to describe. I spent a large part of my dream life talking to someone about how hard it is to battle my brain lately. This overwhelming feeling of not wanting to be here again. I’m resigned to waiting it out. There is some part of me that hopes I will find a renewed why someday. No amount of mental gymnastics can produce a why. It has to come from life force, which I am sorely lacking in lately. So I go through the motions, I watch, I take care of things the best I can. I make art. Which reminds me of a revelation I had yesterday that I am sure has been spoken of before. So I will make a new post for that soon.. If I remember. 😉

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