One afternoon I sat out in my backyard and noticed we had a huge orb spider with a beautiful web over the ivy. She’s moved once since I first saw her and anytime I get too close, she scurries up a thread. I’ve learned so much watching her and the other spiders who’ve come to clean up all the summer insects. So patient and persistent. I made this spell on a hoop (seen in the second photo). I used mugwort in the back and really focused on bringing in the ideas we need to move onto our aligned path, trusting that with the right work, we can know exactly what we need will come our way.

The pendant in the first photo is a supernova spell. Especially for all those who work in a unique way. This is a celebration spell to feel free to integrate all those parts into one big beautiful painting.

These offerings are in the listing called ready made spider spells in my etsy.

The last slide is all the beautiful spells I made this weekend. Three beautiful souls who asked me to work for them. I love what comes through, even when I have no idea until I sit down to make them. It’s been an amazing opportunity for me as well, to clear even more doubts and leaning into the unique way I work, building trust with my creative center and releasing expectations.

Custom requests are under the listing called Custom Spider spells.

Happy full moon!

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