I am so excited to offer my work with fiber as a way to share my gifts for spellwork. This is ancestral work in my lineage where I use thread and needle to weave the magick of the spider into works that can be used for your own healing journey. I will be adding more to these works and also offering custom spell requests on a variety of fabric canvases.

featured in the photos is a spell for protection during root work. It will work with the heartspace as you are processing deep root work around early trauma especially. When those threads are activated, we need extra protection in our energy field so we can feel safe to be with those parts of us that we are caring for and listening to. I have also tucked a sprig of rosemary from my garden into the back for assistance from the plant realm. It is embroidery thread on a 7 inch hoop, ready for hanging. The back is sewn as part of the spell also.

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