I am offering journeys again. I had taken them out of my shop for awhile in order to focus on some inner work that needed to be done. We are never done with our work, obviously, but I felt it time to offer them again and to put more value on them since I have learned so much more about this magickal skill/gift.

A little refresher: I started doing journeys for others and myself in 2015. It very quickly grew into one of my main services, in addition to hands on energy work. I found that hands on was almost too much for me and the client, so I focused most on distance work. Which has proved to be the best fit all around. I’ve taken many breaks from offering these to others as I’ve had to go through several very intense initiation cycles to be able to learn more and be able to get out of my own way. To trust myself. Astral travel is easy for me in the way that I have dismissed it as real, like we do anytime we are innately good at something. So the process for me has been to deal with trusting myself and “am I just insane?” But thankfully, I do not exist in a bubble with these things. I consistently hear from others, just when I need to the most, about journeys I made for them years ago and how they have unfolding over those years. This confirms the deep work that is going on. I may only deliver one page full of text during a session, but the energetics taking place go much deeper. This is bone work. Energy blueprint work. Work that is very very hard to describe in this modern age, as I don’t seem to fit into any one modality or school of thought. Without these testimonials from the people I’ve worked with, I would, for sure, believe I was just off my rocker.

One thing I am realizing is that there is something of a co-regulation going on. What I mean is that, you know when someone is in distress and the experts say that as humans, we need someone to match our heartbeat with, so to speak? In order to regulate our nervous systems, etc. As I was pondering the journey I made yesterday for someone, I realized that many times in journeys, I see myself doing the same things as the person I’m journeying for. We are doing it together. If they appear as a child, then I become a child. That kind of thing. Sometimes I am merely a facilitator, sometimes both, shapeshifting into what I need to be. Always, do I have a process for a full 24 hours before and mostly after. It’s taken me a long time to be able to remember that what I’m feeling after is not necessarily mine. I feel we are tethered for a bit after the work, as I have gone through many hard and deep processes to be able to do what I do. And the word coregulation came to mind to me this morning.

It’s almost like we are transmuting together. I am holding your hand in the ethers, sitting next to you, a loving presence, feeling everything you feel. Making space for what comes up, loving it and sending it on it’s way. We do not have to be in person to coregulate. What an amazing universe!

You can read more about this offering in my shop. Link is in the next paragraph. Even if I’ve journeyed for you before, it is not a one time offering. We go through many cycles in our lives and I’d be honored to meet you in the ethers again, as much as you need. Sometimes my guides will not give me a green light and so each request, any request for magickal work is on a case by case basis as I feel into the energy. I will always be ethical and refund if it’s through Etsy if this is the case.

In addition to the starry journey, which I will be making it’s own dedicated page here on the website in the near future, I have also added new tees with art I’ve made and two new prints/original works. I hope you’ll take some time to check out the shop and share with your friends. Every little bit helps to enable me to do this work full time again. I’m so close to being able to be in a full time flow like my nervous system and body needs. I can feel it coming.

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