Hello friends! I was led to make another journey recording to share more publicly again. I will post it below. The end of the message cut off but the jist of it was: when they come, the frequency in your body will be more. They wave and you return.

I’ve been contemplating this space and feeling better about making more public posts again. However, I still feel like the After Dark space is necessary as well. A sort of space to sit around the fire and share deeper majik. Everything is always in flux for me and while I felt insecure about that for a long time, I am realizing that is the nature of creation. If a construct is too limiting, I immediately try to push outside that box, even if it’s one I’ve made for myself. I am beginning to understand more fully that I am nothing and everything and must be so to feel the most whole. That being said, I understand if you also need to cancel your access to the space because of what you thought it would be. I start out with one idea of what it will be for and it always morphs and evolves as I do. As long as I feel it is a needed space, I will continue to utilize it. I would love a more community feel to it but it seems people do not have access in that space within themselves just yet and that’s ok. I also feel that I have been calling others in and am in a waiting space for that to manifest. Just know you are welcome to come and go however you wish. xo

If the video doesn’t embed, you can find it here.

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