Greetings to all life forms! I wanted to pop in here and feature a new art piece available in my shop. It’s called Ancient Meeting. It’s made with acrylic paint and salt. I love the gold and the celestial beings that showed up. It feels very Now to me. Big energies coming in, being seen, felt and changing the shape of what we experience as reality. I’m here for it!

Find this piece here: original canvas or prints. I hope you are all making it through this amazing time on Earth.

p.s. if you missed it and feel the pull to join the After Dark section of this blog, please do. It is behind a paywall with a small amount asked for access. The payment is also a protection spell, so anyone with malicious intent will experience adverse effects should they try to enter. Also my content/info is valuable and not meant for public spaces. You are welcome if you agree to be a safe space. xo

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