I started seeing visitors at night when I was 17. I’m sure they were there before then but that’s when I started waking up to them. First it was shapes like animals. I woke up to see the shadow of a cat hop up by my face, then jump back down. I saw the impression in the bed, same as when the next one came. I was so convinced it was our cat and was confused how it got in my basement room, with the door closed. I got up and looked everywhere, but no cat. I told no one for a long time. I lived in a Christian home and knew what I needed to keep hidden.

One of the next ones, around the same time I had a dream about a storm, my death and getting my color, I woke to find a being sitting on the edge of my bed. They were all shadow. But a humanoid figure. Where they sat, the bed dipped down just like it would for us. I felt myself sit up but was also still laying down. I was in distress during those days and did not know what was happening to me, between the dreams and visions. This being embraced me with their shadowy arms. I felt more love than I have ever experienced in this realm. They said something like, “it’s going to be ok. We love you. We are here.” And then I laid back down and went back to sleep. I remember it like it was yesterday.

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  1. Sherri-Lee

    I haven’t had the ethers project into the hologram for me to see them, and can honestly say I envy that a bit, even though I understand it would have made life just that much more difficult to navigate in terms of questioning mental state or other conflicts with the rules of western culture about what is and is not ‘real’.

    I do wonder if the ‘veil’ is so much thinner in the USA or if the field of that landmass is more able to produce manifestation of energy forms, because that kind of visceral experience is reported so much by Americans, north and south. Australians hug the coasts of the landmass and don’t talk about these topics much. I have hardly seen any indigenous persons in years and deep knowledge of the landspirits seems excruciatingly absent. Much of this land feels asleep to me.

    Perhaps it’s related to the level of Fae essence in a person’s genetic makeup. I don’t know, just wish I had a more visceral experience sometimes, to support the knowing head-knowledge method and ‘inner eye’ stuff I roll with.

    I’m glad you had some kin able to give some moments of assurance, it’s been a rough ride ay.

    1. Carrie

      Yes rough ride! And definitely some interesting perspectives here! America is a strange place for sure. When it happens for me, it’s only at night and seems like an overlay onto what is already in the room. It’s funny how when it stops for some time, I feel like something is wrong.

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