I looked at my reflection

And decided I was beautiful

Swimming in that ocean

Is everything I’ll ever need

And it’s always been

When I come onto the land

And look into the eyes

Of foreigners,

Land dwellers

That I question my decisions

That I question my own eyes

Because they’ve been so convincing

In their assessment

That I am too ugly

I must be

For the way they have

Made me feel

To hide away, sick and small

Would make them happier

And so I go back to my watery home

And look in my watery mirror

And feel the beauty of salty water

Sliding through my gills

As I breathe

And breathe

And breathe


Once again

To the depths 

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  1. Jet

    I feel this. I am also a creature of the slippery depths, the water is my home. I see your always beauty.

    1. Carrie

      You’re such a treasure!

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