what if


What if we looked ourselves in the mirror and said, “you are fucking amazing” ?

What if we said, out loud, to other people, “I am fucking amazing at what I do” ?

Because it’s not about being the best or keeping quiet to make others feel better about themselves or hiding our light because we’re worried people will think we are full of ourselves. This isn’t about competing with anyone. We’re all amazing and unique in our connectedness. There really is room for everyone.

When did we fill our hearts with false humility? When did we start accepting mediocrity as the norm and acceptable state of being? When did we prop other people up as so much more important and better than us? Stop.

It’s about finding that thing that makes your heart sing. That thing that makes other people see you. Really fucking see you. That thing that comes without trying. And when you find it, owning it.

Because what happens when you do, is that the fear melts away. You approach life with confidence and fire. It’s contagious, that fire. You’ll see people’s eyes light up. Your excitement will spark their excitement. And before you know it, a fucking wildfire has taken over humanity. That’s how wildfires work.

Beautiful being, you don’t have to protect anyone from your light. Those people that say horrible things when people have confidence? They are just scared children, running from their own light. They have nothing to do with you. You are holding up a mirror for them and they are afraid of what they are seeing.

Be the flame.

Tell people how amazing you are at what you do. Tell yourself too. 

Not for the sake of bragging, but for the sake of owning who you are. Words are powerful magic.

For myself, I am tired of hiding my extreme brightness. Everything has happened in it’s time, so I’m not about to pick apart the timeline. Right now, today, I will go forward and be the flame that I am.

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  1. Antonio Gil

    So It Is! 👏👍💫💖

  2. Wendy

    Hell yes! I am feeling this right now. I’m excellent at so many things and love myself for all my special skills. I love you too!

    1. Carrie Louise

      I love you!

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