Dear priestess

November 5, 2015

Dear priestess,

You are filled with magic. With fluid tenacity you move with feline agility through the ethos. Your wounds got you here, but it’s your birthright to soar. Peel them off like a snake sheds its skin. The time for slithering among the rocks is near its end.

Take a long hard look in the looking glass. I am there looking back. I know you’ve seen me. Sometimes I am a flame and others I am sensual black ink, swirling in the sorcery of your shadow. All is beauty. All is needed. Stand in the balance. Write what I give you. There is power in you.

Find your temperance in the ground. Feel the pulse move up through your feet. We are one. See how we move the clouds? Do not doubt your gifts. I am always with you.

A commission made on 4.4.4

Here is a video from an account I like to keep an eye on. Things that ping a knowing, although I cannot explain it at this time.

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