September 2015

I’m still pulling info from old writings and notes. I am using the stories feature on IG at times as well, if you’re not already following me there. That platform is easier for the snippets of info I get throughout the day, secret messages and whatnot.

Sept 3, 2015

As soon as I put on the blindfold and took a few deep breaths, boom…there was Chinnamasta (the Hindu goddess), all headless, grabbing my hand and literally yanking me along with her. Her head was in her arm on the side of her, laughing and it made me laugh.

we ran so fast across the ocean, right on top of the water and started to gather all the spirit helpers I’ve met so far and it seemed like many others as well. A large group. We surfed as a group over the large waves, laughing and being silly and cracking up.

Then I saw us at a great feast. There were grapes. I’m not sure why that was significant.

Then I saw humans with numerical code under their faces. I had a dream of this once..months ago. I’ve always wanted to paint it, but don’t know how yet. Anyway, the code was coming from the sky (in the journey) and into the tops of their heads and then out of their hands into the world.

I watched as they burned to the ground once and then rebuilt themselves from the ashes.

Next I saw a group of spirit helpers sewing large wings into the skin of my back. It was a scene that reminded me of when the bridesmaids are getting the bride ready before the wedding. There was a lot of laughter and joy as I stood there having the wings sewn on. We were on a beach near a cave.

I heard, “it’s almost time for you to fly.”

I saw myself flying and moving matter. Lava, water, wind, etc. And then I came back.

Sept 14, 2015

I was in my meadow and a great line of ancestors spiraled around me, each giving me a gift and blowing it into me.

Then they wrapped me in banana leaves and tied me with brown twine. Kali danced up in all her wildness and as I lay on the ground wrapped in the leaves, blew fire into me. I burned and burned and when I was charcoal and ash, she blew the particles up into the air in a swirling pattern.

Then all the particles floated across the earth into the hearts of people who needed to wake from their fear state.

Last September (2014) I was still trying to piece my newly discovered gifts together. I didn’t know much about ascension or energy shifts or anything that I’ve since discovered about raising the vibration of earth to evolve into something new. It still all sounds so fantastical as I type that, but there is something in my core that remembers this. It’s an abject knowing. It’s something that I think I’ve known all along, when I think back to my child self and the thoughts I had back then. So many pieces coming together.

The way I lived in the trees. And talked to a group of imaginary friends until the age of 12 or so. Even after, but never would’ve admitted it. Felt shame for this, actually. I thought I was so broken in the head. The way I used to walk around half a day with a blindfold on because seeing in the dark helped me to actually “see” better. At age 9 or so, I started thinking about the concept of eternity and every time I did, I saw this Asian man and a waterfall.

Even as a child, I had this sense of something coming. This was the part of Christianity that lit me up as well. The new earth. I could see it. I knew there would be colors we’ve never seen and I saw groups of beings, so happy to be alive. I just saw it through a very narrow filter back then. And that’s ok. That’s why, when I started seeing these groups of souls flash into my mind when I started meditating last spring, that I sort of freaked out. There was a gathering I would see often when I was deep in meditation. It always made me cry. There is a white building with huge stone pillars and a huge door people go in for healing or…I don’t really know. But I’ve been on those steps. I’ve been in the middle of that crowd of light beings as we raise our voices in celebration and dance our faces off.

And now…it’s only getting stronger. This hope and this knowing. However it plays out. This is where I live now. I’ve even started to see a shimmering on my skin from time to time. I’ve started to see colors in the trees briefly that were not there before. Sounds that I’ve not heard before. Dreams where bits of music that were so beautiful as they floated through me. But can never remember them later.

I’m listening and watching. And I am starting to believe that the winds are going to carry me to the people I am meant to meet.


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  1. Julie Your Montinieri

    Yes, yes, yes!

    You were born a seer <3

  2. Antonio Gil


  3. Amirazek

    Hello to all
    In this puzzling time, I love you all
    Esteem your family and friends

  4. kb

    Yes – the hope. The certainty. The will.

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