Trains and tracks and leaps

I took a nap the other day, first time I’ve slept hard and deep in some time. When I awoke, I was smacked with the memory of my dream.

The tail end of it is the most important. I will explain with words and attach the voice recording I made (also unusual for me to record) so you can feel the energy I felt right when I woke up. At this point, you know, probably, that I do not just dream for myself, I dream for all of us. That is one of my connections to Source information, and also why countless people reach out claiming that they have dreamed of me in my higher form performing various tasks with them.

I was returning from a dark place, on a train. The scene kept splitting between me on a train and me trying to get “home” in a vehicle. When in the vehicle, I was nearing home. It all felt very heavy and difficult. I lost my sight completely for a minute, which is something that has happened several times in dreams for about 6 months now. In the dream, when I lose my eyesight, I cannot see anything. In the dream it feels very physical and is obviously extremely distressing. In this dream, I was nearing a stop sign with other traffic around and had to finally pull over to keep myself safe until my sight came back. When it did, I continued home like a bat out of hell. Switching back to the parallel me in the train car, both scenarios became markedly easier and easier the closer I got to “home”, the dark energy lifting in quantum form.

When I reached “home” I could hear the music. I have also dreamed of music throughout my life. Such music that I have never heard here in this life. Music I cannot describe to you other than so beautiful it would shatter your bones and leave you crumpled in a ball sobbing. I think part of the reason I struggle here so often is because I’ve seen the colors of home and heard the music and then have to come back to this trash heap, but I digress.

The music was there, around me and in me. Filling every part of me. I came in the house and there was a circle on the floor with some objects, and I leaped over it and again and again, each time floating higher and higher. The joy was indescribable. There were others there and we knew each other but couldn’t quite remember where. We took some time to excitedly catch up and tried to piece together memories but some seemed too distant. One had a gift bag for me. I was so touched. I woke up shortly after that.

The tracks in the dream are timelines. I’ve dreamed of other trains taking me home. When it hit me that there will be a reset and we will REMEMBER not only who we are, but who each other are, I could not stay still. I was exhilarated by this dream. Beyond. In that moment after waking, I KNEW what it was. Even if I do not understand the details, I KNOW. A reset, a coming home, a reunion, a return of power. I want my full power back so badly. I am starting to truly believe this will happen in this lifetime. I did not for some time.

The youtubes I’ve been making in the last couple months are etheric maps. If we go black soon, and I’m not saying we will, I have been giving you etheric maps to connect? To lead you to me? I’m not sure, but there they are on the youtube. So if you haven’t watched them, find them here.

Here is the voice recording from when I woke up. Forgive the very messy nature of it. I share it with much vulnerability and courage. I am slowly beginning to understand my role here as Messenger. It’s challenging. Much love and please stay connected.

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    Gorgeously beautiful and true.

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