Maybe you find yourself in a space of dissatisfaction, jealousy, prickly and angry. Maybe it is a process of detachment. Or as some call non-attachment. For some of us, we have reached a time in our journeys where nothing works anymore. None of our old standbys of comfort or coping are doing it. Some of them might even be making you feel sick. That is what I call a frequency shift. And it seems to be speeding up, the process of shedding. Things that you see others deriving joy and comfort in and feeling left out because damn it, why can’t I just have normal human things too?!?! That is a detachment process and you are not normal in any facet of the word so why would your experience be? Now is the time to put your blinders on so you can only focus on what is in front of you. Not what that one is doing in her lane or that other one doing in his lane or what that one way over there is doing in their lane. It is your wound of wanting to belong that is shouting at you to look around and see what you’re missing out on.

This space hurts like a motherfucker. Not gonna lie. It’s sometimes an hourly process of surrender, again and again and again. You do not have to get through it with a smile and a grateful heart. You do not have to be feeling love. Those are false expectations. You need your honesty. The harsh truth of it. Because the true love found here is in honoring and minding the gap.
Observe those things that you do not want anymore. Observe how you resist not wanting them. Honor the wound that says, but why not me? Hold the contrast and understand that if you are going through this level of detachment, it is because you’re being prepared to step further into your power and honestly? Its like playing the game at a whole other level. So you will not find many who can relate. That’s ok. It’s not better or worse. It just is what you came for.

Let’s ride it out together.
But don’t get too close, some of us are prickly 😂🌵

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  1. Julie Your Montinieri

    Detaching is a bitch.

    In my experience, as I shed things, as I shift frequencies, new things that match the new vibration come into my orbit.

    It’s the gap, with the unsure footing, with the floor falling out from underneath us — that’s the moment of holy shit.

    But maybe that shit IS holy. Hanging on, trusting in a deeper thing, until we find new ground.

    You, articulating the deeper thing? It helps. It validates that what I suspect is there, IS there.


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