The Rebellion

I’ve been dreaming of the planets coming close to the earth for some years now. Large and close enough to touch at times. Several various scenarios. I’ve been thinking about one in which there was a circle outside, a gathering at night. A fire in the center. Rocks forming the circle. I looked up into the sky and watched as one planet shot across the sky and collided with another. I cannot remember which planets, this was 3 years ago I think. The dreams were coming in clusters back then. I was astounded and tried to get anyone else to look up and see but the people at the gathering were more concerned with going to the food truck and doing whatever they were doing. I ran around begging anyone to see and if they looked up, they claimed they couldn’t see the dance of the planets that I was seeing.

In another dream, I met a black haired witch in a marketplace. She handed me a note and said the Intergalactic Alliance wanted to meet with me. The note had the time and place written on it. I was angry in the dream. I felt I was going to get in trouble somehow. It pissed me off. But I went. It was a warehouse set up like a classroom with tiered steps. I saw many other aliens disguised as humans sitting there, waiting. I sat further back and we all waited for anyone to show up, but no one did and I woke up.

This was also 2016 or 2017.

Both of these dreams have been on my mind, which is usually an indication to pay attention.

Last night I felt another death. I felt as if I am at the end of a long race and was stumbling toward the end. I felt as if I would collapse into myself and was a little afraid of parts of me vanishing again. I told the dark mother who I could see in my mind’s eye that it was important for us to find a way to integrate all my parts. I told her we must do the impossible.

In my sleep was another fitful night. I woke up a lot and sensed activity in my room. I saw what I heard called The Council of Twelve, their faces lined up in the air. I thought they were drag queens at first, not gonna lie, but I think that speaks to them being bigger than Life. Otherworldly. They spoke to me for a lot of the night and I do not remember at this moment what they said exactly, but it will come to me.

The theme was rebellion. I have been prickly for weeks. Feeling a sense of detachment and focus. This morning I hear, “it is time for The Rebellion,” which I think is referring to the story I posted of why my Empress/Dragon Self came here to begin with. The big reason. Renegade, Rebel. Retribution. Dragons follow their own rules. I could write a lot about dragons and maybe I will. But that is my blueprint and origin and I am feeling it with every vibrating cell. My frequency has shifted or rather tuned more into that part of me, so I will be anchoring it. There is a sense to not let anyone get too close right now. I’m having some difficulty navigating other frequencies I come in contact with. So, the quarantine is a blessing in disguise, not to minimize anyone’s experience.

There are things going on that are hidden. And a storm is upon us. Question everything.

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    I sense it too.

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